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Welcome to the 'Ares: Dogfighter' Wiki

Ares:Dogfighter is an open-source 3D space combat game for Windows and Linux currently in development using Java and jMonkeyEngine. Take control of a starship and battle against other ships. For updates, check out our Twitter feed.


The latest version for either Windows or Linux can be downloaded from the following sites:-

Versions for both Windows and Linux are available from each site.

The source code can be downloaded from

Current Status

Ares:Dogfighter is very early in development. However, there is a proof-of-concept version available to download which allows the player to take part in dogfights against AI-controlled enemy ships. This is one aspect of the game I wanted to check I could get right before proceeding further with the game. Please download it and let me know what you think. You can also check out the Releases page to see what features have been added.


There are various ways you can provide feedback, whether suggestions, problems or compliments. Twitter, Reddit or IndieDB are the best places at the moment or the email address given in the game.

Recording Gameplay

It's very easy to record gameplay: just press the record button (currently key '7') and it will start recording, press again to stop recording. An .avi file will be created in your directory. Note that while recording, the framerate of the game will be reduced a little bit. Please upload your videos to Youtube or elsewhere for the world to see!



Instruction Manual


Hints and Tips




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